How To Choose Your Best Colleges

As you plan for college, one of the most exciting parts is choosing your list of colleges. You might be wondering how to choose your best fit colleges. Many students run to college rankings. Yesterday, US News and World Reports released their top colleges for 2012 ranking. While these lists are fun, I don’t think it was a huge surprise that Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Penn, and Duke all ranked in the top 10. And let’s be realistic, with these schools accepting between 6-11% of applicants, the competition is pretty fierce.

So check out these tips for choosing your best colleges:

1. Look for a good academic fit. Continue reading

How to Start Your College Application Essay

Now is a great time to get ahead of the game and start working on your college application essay. While you’ll probably need to write a few essays for your college apps, the best one to work on first is your ‘personal statement’ or main essay. The purpose of your personal statement is to give colleges a better idea of WHO you are, WHAT experiences have been important or significant in your life, and WHY they are relevant or significant. It;s especially important that you include extra, unusual information. Take Monica for example, she get her high school diploma following GED classes so at first she wants to hide this fact but she shouldn’t because her GED proves that she can work hard and work independently. She even now even volunteer helping other GED students preparing for the test and this is important fact. Think about your story and then follow the 5 steps below to get started on your college application essay: Continue reading

The tools you need to get into the college of your dreams

Ever had a crush only to find out the other person liked you back the whole time? Make sure they know it!

Colleges need to know you are interested before you submit the application. This is called “demonstrated interest.” Demonstrated interest is currently ranked above interviews and class rank by most schools in determining which students to admit.

The following steps will show your dream school you care and set the stage for a great relationship!

1. Email admissions to request more information. Continue reading

The College Essay Can Make or Break Your Acceptance

I know this title sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s the truth – the college essay can truly make or break your acceptance into your dream school. With college application season upon us, seniors are scrambling to improve or enhance their applications however possible. But if there is one thing you should pay more attention to, it is the college essay.

Consider the fact that many applicants appear identical on the surface: similar GPA, similar courses, similar SAT scores, similar activities lists….. The crazy reality is that many other students out there have done the same things as you! So how do you stand out in a crowd of hundreds of other applicants? The college essay. Continue reading

What’s a good GPA in college?

If you thought your GPA stopped mattering once you entered college, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong.

Colleges themselves will use your GPA for a variety of things — you’ll need a good GPA to stay in good academic standing, and your financial aid and scholarships will probably have a minimum GPA that you need to stay above. Sports may require a specific GPA, and other awards and bonuses will be given out according to your GPA. At graduation, different honors may also be assigned to you as well.

After college, your GPA may be used to help employers decide whether or not to hire you. A strong GPA shows that you were on top of your game, while a low GPA shows that you did the bare minimum. Graduate schools also require a GPA, just like your undergraduate applications did.

A general scale:

  • 3.7+: Excellent
  • 3.3-3.6: Very good
  • 2.7-3.3: Average
  • 2.0-2.7: Below average
  • -2.0: Poor

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Online Students vs Traditional Students [great infographic] What is better?

Distance learning programs are not new, of course, and they have become quite popular, as people have accepted this medium of learning. Many certificate courses, degree and diploma courses and master degrees programs are offered by many universities. Usually, online programs are less expensive. There are some technical requirements involved in generating this mode of education (good computer, internet access), but today these obstacles are easy to overcome, and any learner can acquire these programs from practically anywhere and at the time that suits them best.

This flexibility has been responsible for the popularity of online programs, and if  you would like to obtain an online education, you now easily can get it. It is not surprising to see that experts, professors and professionals are involved in developing the various course modules. If we look at how these online programs are organized we see that, from the admissions process to receiving the diploma, everything is happening online, check to see how many online options are available.  Also classes are given to candidates entirely online. Continue reading

Creative Courage

Brighten your future with well researched career move

Internship is a work-related experience. It provides students and career changers an opportunity to gain important knowledge and skills in a particular career field. Especially students can only learn the work process once they participate in day to day activities of any organization.

Internship provides an opportunity to experiment and pursue career that matches talent and interest. It is an excellent way to gain job experience with future benefits. Working as an intern you can be much ahead from the rest while searching a permanent job.

Any internship experience does not pay off in future. If you really want that this knowledge is counted be definite about your career. To determine what will be the perfect career move work with a career counselor and self assess. Many companies along with educational institution undertake job shadow programs. It enables a student to find out how he will like to be in a profession. Continue reading

16 Unusual & Odd Scholarships

Odds are that you don’t qualify for any of the unusual scholarships that are listed below, but that’s sort of the point. If scholarships as bizarre as these exist, then there’s certainly a few (if not many) that you can get. Now go get ‘em. Oh and double check the ones below, you never know if one might be for you…

1. Duck Tape Prom Dress – Make your prom dress out of Duck tape and you could win up to a $5,000 scholarship.

2. Left Handed Scholarship – Juniata College in Pennsylvania gives out scholarships of $1,000-$1,500 to southpaws that go to school there.

Unusual Scholarships Based on Your Height

3. If You’re Tall – Up to $1,000 for guys 6’2″ and taller and girls 5’10″ and taller.

4. If You’re Short – $250 to $1,000 for guys 6’2″ and taller and girls 5’10″ and taller.

Unusual Scholarships Based on Your Interests

5. Golf Caddies – Evans Scholars not only have a number of residences on college campuses, but also give out scholarships to golf caddies. Continue reading

10 Best Colleges You’ve Never Heard Of

You may not have heard of these schools, but listen up. They offer academic strength, a supportive community, and are producing extremely successful grads. What more could you ask for? Many are building notoriety after being featured in Colleges That Change Lives:

1. Goucher College

Towsond, Maryland, 1481 students

With a 9:1 student to professor ratio are a requirement to study abroad, Goucher offers 31 majors. And 80% of students receive financial assistance.

2. Cornell College

Mount Vernon, Iowa, 1200 students

With 80% of students coming from outside Iowa, Cornell students focus on only one course at a time allowing for almost all students to graduate in less than four years.

3. Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1369 students

Known for nationally recognized study abroad and first-year experience programs and the famous K-Plan (where almost all students study abroad and complete an internship). Continue reading

How to Start a Club at Your High School

Whenever I’m talking to students about activities for college applications, we end up talking about clubs. (Usually because I ask about them.) First off, what school doesn’t have at least one club? Unfortunately I usually hear that club membership can be more of a formality than an actual activity. It is easy to go to Club Day and join a bunch of clubs. But to actually stay interested and involved throughout the year – that is the actual challenge. Why? Because lots of students join clubs just for the sake of joining.

So I want to propose an idea. Why not start your own club this year? You might be thinking, how do I start a club? Easy – all you need is a teacher to offer their room at lunch and a few friends to join. (Of course, you will need to talk to your school administration to fill out the proper forms and be sure you are ready for Club Day.) But once you get past those basics, you have the opportunity to create something you love! What is your passion? Puppies? Why not create a club where you and your friends can discuss, explore, learn about, and support all things puppies? (Ok, silly example- but seriously, who doesn’t love puppies?) Continue reading