Employee to Entrepreneur the New Career Way

b0f8d64492735107ea062Working for yourself, from employee to entrepreneur is the end goal of a new career. But the transition from employee to entrepreneur is like climbing over a wall.

Got the Guts To Be an Entrepreneur?

Remember the Berlin Wall? During the Cold War when East and West were separated by that infamous wall, many freedom-seekers risked being shot by border guards while attempting to climb over that wall. If you choose the parallel career way to be an entrepreneur, you are as brave as those freedom-seekers. You are willing to take risks (calculated ones though), make changes and set goals for your future.

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Online Students vs Traditional Students [great infographic] What is better?

Distance learning programs are not new, of course, and they have become quite popular, as people have accepted this medium of learning. Many certificate courses, degree and diploma courses and master degrees programs are offered by many universities. Usually, online programs are less expensive. There are some technical requirements involved in generating this mode of education (good computer, internet access), but today these obstacles are easy to overcome, and any learner can acquire these programs from practically anywhere and at the time that suits them best.

This flexibility has been responsible for the popularity of online programs (such as courses to earn a GED diploma), and if  you would like to obtain an online education, you now easily can get it. It is not surprising to see that experts, professors and professionals are involved in developing the various course modules. If we look at how these online programs are organized we see that, from the admissions process to receiving the diploma, everything is happening online, check Getsajob.com to see how many online options are available.  Also classes are given to candidates entirely online. Continue reading

Creative Courage

Brighten your future with well researched career move

Internship is a work-related experience. It provides students and career changers an opportunity to gain important knowledge and skills in a particular career field. Especially students can only learn the work process once they participate in day to day activities of any organization.

Internship provides an opportunity to experiment and pursue career that matches talent and interest. It is an excellent way to gain job experience with future benefits. Working as an intern you can be much ahead from the rest while searching a permanent job.

Any internship experience does not pay off in future. If you really want that this knowledge is counted be definite about your career. To determine what will be the perfect career move work with a career counselor and self assess. Many companies along with educational institution undertake job shadow programs. It enables a student to find out how he will like to be in a profession. Continue reading

How to Start a Club at Your High School

Whenever I’m talking to students about activities for college applications, we end up talking about clubs. (Usually because I ask about them.) First off, what school doesn’t have at least one club? Unfortunately I usually hear that club membership can be more of a formality than an actual activity. It is easy to go to Club Day and join a bunch of clubs. But to actually stay interested and involved throughout the year – that is the actual challenge. Why? Because lots of students join clubs just for the sake of joining.

So I want to propose an idea. Why not start your own club this year? You might be thinking, how do I start a club? Easy – all you need is a teacher to offer their room at lunch and a few friends to join. (Of course, you will need to talk to your school administration to fill out the proper forms and be sure you are ready for Club Day.) But once you get past those basics, you have the opportunity to create something you love! What is your passion? Puppies? Why not create a club where you and your friends can discuss, explore, learn about, and support all things puppies? (Ok, silly example- but seriously, who doesn’t love puppies?) Continue reading

Job Opportunities for High School Students

Considering a part-time or summer job? Whenever possible, we recommend taking an internship or unpaid job in an area of major or career interest over a paid job doing something unrelated to college or academics.

Read our tips about job opportunities for high school students:

  • Relax, you don’t have to get a job. Colleges expect academics to take priority over everything else. Between school, activities, and your family, colleges understand that you may not have time for a job. And they will not “mark you down” for having no jobs during high school.
  • Jobs can serve as a way to make some extra spending money or save for college. When you list jobs on college applications, you may be asked how you spent or plan to spend the money earned. Feel free to state reasons like: supporting my family, saving for college, buying a car, or having extra spending money for the weekends.

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Balancing parent teacher communication

 As a single, working parent, one of my biggest struggles is finding the right balance of involvement. I fear the perception that my daughters’ teachers will have of me. Our culture seems to have decided that two parents are always better than one, so it appears our family is already working from a disadvantage. Single parents are presumed to be involved in their children’s lives until proved otherwise.

 I make it a point to come in late to work on the first day of school so I can meet the teacher face to face, and I immediately ask for an email address. I prefer email because it allows both of us busy people a chance to read and respond in our own time. I think it’s reasonable for both of us to do so within a day or two. If a teacher tells me he/she only checks their email once a week, then I usually leave notes with my child to give to the teacher if something comes up.

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Confessions of a Problem Parent

Let me be clear: I don’t want to be a problem parent. I want to feel like my children’s teachers and I are partners in guiding my girls’ education. I’ve experienced that a few times, and it is marvelous. I have seen my children thrive when we all collaborate together with teachers who treat both me and my children with respect, who are passionate about teaching, and who are available to me and my kids beyond the school bell.

Let me further state that I have no doubt that any teacher got into the profession for any reason other than to make a difference. It is a tough, tough job with lots of red tape and many responsibilities well beyond their pay grade. When I first meet any teacher, I always want to believe that they’ll be amazing.

Unfortunately, I have been disappointed a few times along the way. For the first few years, I tried to be a model parent at all times, and always believed that there was nothing to question about how the teacher was running their classroom. I witness many time teens who dropped out from high school because of teachers, sure there are always GED programs in the NYC neighborhood but I don’t want my kids to follow this road. Continue reading

5 Things I Learned When I Became a Parent

I was 22 years old when I started teaching. I had no responsibilities, could work all day and relax and play all night (after planning that was).
For 10 years I watched children come to school at 8am and at 3 o’clock I sent them home again. Except for parent teacher interviews I had little thought about what went on at home.
At 32 I became a parent and found out so many things I never knew before. And now I am a working mum of Dusty who is lovingly cared for by many young teachers at Day Care.
Here is what I now know, that I never really understood before having a child:
Parents are tired.
I am lucky. Dusty slept through the night from 6 months. But she is an early riser and some days she is up at 4am ready for cereal “Because it is Day time now”. But my friend Kellie has 3 kids aged 9 down to 2 and has not slept through the night for 9 whole years.
As a young teacher I never understood how hard it is to be a great mom on very little sleep. Now I have some empathy.
It took effort to get here.
As a young teacher I would get up, have breakie, get ready and head to school. As a parent I also have to get a little person ready. That is the easy part. Getting to day care takes hard work. In between ‘bottom burps’, projectile vomits, missing shoes and screaming I also had to combat peak hour traffic.

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Knowledge is just like ocean

Knowledge is just like a vast ocean to quench the thirst of the ambitious learners. A Solid education helps the determined, dedicated and diligent students to imbibe the knowledge and put it to greater use on the professional turf. Higher education not only symbolizes the professional achievement but also ensures personal contentment. The inventively designed distance learning has emerged as the popular mode for knowledge enrichment and skill enhancement. Continue reading

Adults Returning To College: Get Started

Going back to college as a grownup can be a challenging or even scary experience.  We all are aware that you can find numerous skilled and experienced persons who never attended college or who, for whatever reason, never were able to finish their high school degree. For many people, gaining that piece of paper can turn things around in their professional or personal life, simply the fulfillment of their life time ambition. It’s just that the thought of going back to school after a long period of time could be quite a nightmare.

Very often, people who are going back to school after many years not having been in a classroom, are concerned about not being at the right place. They worry about fitting in a classroom with 18 to 25 year old’s, how to take good notes, how to study properly, and if they could do well on exams. The process of admissions and obtaining financial aid is usually a puzzling and aggravating experience, but there are really good online programs to help you get through the process. It really is irrelevant what age you are, or how long it has been that you went to school. One thing is certain, you are not alone, millions of grownups have done so before you, just take the first step and you won’t ever regret you did it.

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