Hans Sueters

Hans SuetersHans Sueters is a Managing Director of EduWeb Media. Hans is an experienced entrepreneur, with successful footprints in many industries from music, hotels, and restaurants and recently in digital media.

Key Facts About Hans Sueters

The last 7 years Hans focuses on e-learning, together with his wife Bea he runs EduWebMedia. He brings a stoic approach to the fast-paced digital production world.

For more than 20 years Hans was an owner of 3 popular restaurants and a hotel.

Hans Sueters was also a singer and guitarist at Sundown. Sundown is known for its hit “One morning in May.”

Hans still plays acoustic and electric guitar when the time is right.

He has been quoted saying:

“You can’t change a past so make sure you can influence your future.”

Hans and Bea Sueters
Venice 2018